Sunday, March 14, 2010

Very belated update and pictures

We've settled into a nice routine here in Tennessee...James is busy with work (as usual) and Kemper has started going to a pre-preschool 3 days a week.  I'm enjoying being able to grocery shop without Kemper begging for "cackas" or whatever other random snack he sees on the shelf and decides he wants.  I've also been able to run lots of other errands that I had officially deemed impossible with an almost two-year old who refuses to listen to what Mommy says and then throws the tantrum of all tantrums when I correct him or make him stop doing whatever it was that he was doing.  Whew....hello terrible twos!

Poor little guy has been battling some sort of cold/sinus/allergy issue for almost a month now but we think we've finally gotten it under control.  At first, the doctor told us it was asthma and had us start him on an inhaler (ha, now isn't that fun with a 2-year old!) which didn't seem to make a difference.  He was waking up and coughing for 30 or 40 minutes at a time in the middle of the night and it sounded like he was going to cough up a lung.  After what has amounted to weekly trips to the doctor and different amounts of the inhaler coupled with steroids and now an antibiotic, I think we've finally turned the corner.  It's been narrowed down to allergies which are supposedly HORRIBLE in this part of Tennessee.  Poor kid...thought he got that from his Mommy until Daddy came home from work one day with red, itchy eyes and a runny nose.  Convinced him to try a Benadryl last night and that knocked him out in his chair around 8:30pm.  :)

We enjoyed a nice visit from Grandma Rita & Grandpa Phil this past week.  Kemper enjoyed getting spoiled and having new playmates while Mommy and Daddy got to go on two dates and relax a little around the house!  Kemper and Grandma discovered the giant dirt pile behind our house that the contractors have compiled as they clear land for the new houses.  Living in a neighborhood that is still in the process of being constructed has it's advantages when you're the mom of a little's like his own personal playground of dirt and rocks!  He has a blast filling up his bucket, bringing us handfuls of dirt and rocks and covering his shoes in dirt.  The bathtub has begun to show the red ring of spring! 

We're gearing up for a visit from our friends Lynse, Gavin and baby Trenton this coming week!  We're so very excited to be able to spend more time with Lynse and Gavin and to meet baby Trenton.  Kemper and I took a trip down to Georgia to visit them right before Trenton was born while James was in Louisiana and we had a blast.  It was so great to reunite the boys and for Lynse and I (and Jon!) to be able to catch up.  We're so blessed with wonderful friends the Army has helped us to find!  They'll be heading to Fort Campbell sometime next year so we're anxiously awaiting their arrival! 

So far we have lots to look forward to for 2011 - James will be heading out for another extended vacation with the Army this spring.  Kemper and I already have a busy few weeks following his departure as I gear up for my 5 year Meredith reunion (holy cow, 5 years?!) and we will be celebrating Kemper's 2nd birthday in Virginia a little late so that we can celebrate with family & friends there!  We're also looking forward to the arrival of our first niece (and Kemper's first cousin!) Miss Hannah who we can't wait to meet on our trip to Virginia!  So, while we don't wish all of 2010 away, we do hope to stay well occupied and that James's vacation will fly by for us all!


Yummy cookie!
Helping Daddy hang pictures

We don't always let him climb on the arm of the couch like that...oops!

It's a boy thing.

Daddy accidentally sprayed him with the hose.

Helping wash Mommy's car.
Didn't really care for the hose. (Until he got control and sprayed Daddy in the butt).
Loved the bucket of bubbles.

He's good at the tires!

And working on the bugs. :)

Enjoying the beautiful weather!

He looks like he's in time out, but really, this is what he did when I asked to take his picture.  Stinker.

Riding around.
See ya later!

Such a big boy now!

Being silly.

Another beautiful day!

Daddy keeping the ball from going into the street.  It's like a magnet.

Hello sleepyhead!

Eating peanut butter crackers!

And marshmellows!

Being silly.
Silly boy.

Not happy with me!


Almost 2, can you believe it?!

A little monster!


He loves bath and bubbles!

This boy is all about trains....luckily there is an old, restored engine downtown that he can climb on!

He had a blast!

Can't wait to go back!

All aboard!

Choo choo!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Things are crazy

Well, we're home in Tennessee and James is already gone for a 3-week training session in Louisiana.  He was luckily here a little longer than we were expecting so, with the help of my mom, we were able to get pretty much everything out of boxes before they both left but it is far from clean/organized/straight (except the room Mom stayed in :), the dining room, and Kemper's room).  Kemper and I are adjusting to being on our own for a bit and I'm trying to get things straightened up and organized. 

We're lucky enough to have a HUGE bonus room over our garage that we're using as a family room/playroom however, Kemper doesn't really like to play in there unless someone else is in there with him.  This is making my tasks of putting things away and straightening up very difficult.  As sweet of him as it is to try and "help", I end up having double the work after he loses interest. 

Here are a few pictures for I put more away and get it looking presentable, I'll post more. 

The playroom after Michael and Kemper ransacked it during a playdate.

Kemper emptying the bookshelf.

The dining room

LOVE our china hutch.  It's one of my favorite things in the house.

James blowing up Kemper's ball pit that Santa brought him.

He's over the whole moving thing.

His shocked/surprised face when he saw what James was blowing up.

In awe.

Peeking out of his ball pit.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hodge Podge post

Our time in Richmond is coming to an end - I know Kemper doesn't realize what is going on (although I'm sure he'll know something weird is going on) but even though we've only been here 6 months, I'm sad to be leaving all of the wonderful people we've met and befriended!  We have such a great little playgroup and a great weekly routine going for us here.  I'm sure once we get settled in Tennessee we'll find plenty to do and even more great friends (yay for Ali & Michael who will be in Tennessee with us!) but for now, just another example of how the military moving you around so often really stinks. 

One think Kemper enjoys doing is walking between James and I (well, between any 2 people who will hold his hand) and having us swing him as we walk.  For the past week or so, we've been counting to 3 before swinging him and on a whim, I told him he needed to count for us.  He mumbled something, we swung him, and we all laughed.  Well, today on our way into Target, we said, "Kemper, can you count" and he said "one.....(long pause) two" and we were shocked!  We gave him a haircut tonight before his bath, so I pulled out the video camera and tried to capture him counting (and also capture his newfound cooperation while cutting his hair).

Haircut & Counting 

For some reason, Blogger won't let me add video but that link will take you directly to the YouTube page where I added the video.

Kemper eating breakfast one morning - successfully feeding himself applesauce with a spoon and no assistance.

Out to dinner - about to demolish the lemon.

Our little Picasso.  He loves to color, but sometimes gets excited and colors on walls or other things around the house.  Apparently, he has a secret stash of crayons because as soon as I'd take one away and turn my back, he would have another one and color on something else.  He decided his phone needed a little color. 

Snack break with friends.  Kemper, Chloe, Michael, Clayton and TJ

Starbucks Storytime

Today marked our very last storytime at the local Starbucks.  I'm not sure who is more sad about this - me or Kemper?!  We both enjoy this for so many reasons.  In addition to a story, Mrs. Taryn always has a fun activity planned for the kids.  Over the last few months, some of the activities she has planned for the kids include: coloring, playing with Play-Doh, decorating cookies or cupcakes, planting flowers & watering them weekly (when it was warmer), painting pumpkins, making Christmas hats, Christmas reindeer crafts and making homemade whipped cream and then finger painting with it.  What an awesome weekly activity for us to look forward to.  Us moms also enjoyed the time together as well. 

We made wonderful friends over the past few months, our kids became fast friends and we welcomed a new baby into the group (and who are we kidding, us moms enjoyed the cuddle time with snuggly Eleanor more than anything else probably!) but what I think I'll miss most of all is knowing that on Thursday mornings, no matter how trying of a week we've had has been thus far, there are 3 other people waiting at Starbucks who understand, are going through the same thing, and are willing to lend a sympathetic ear and offer advice.  Luckily, one of these amazing women will be at Fort Campbell with me and I'm sure we'll meet others and find new playgroups, but like I experienced when we left Germany, the "normal" Army routine can be a cruel one when it comes to moving and leaving behind friends.  The silver lining is that no matter where you move to, you can pretty much guarantee that you'll always have a friend somewhere in the country (or out of the country - hi Angie!) that will make for an excellent trip for a visit and sight seeing! 

So, here are some pictures from our last two storytimes at Starbucks. 

Mrs. Taryn with all of the "regulars"

Mrs. Taryn opening up her mini-baby shower gift

(clockwise from top) Michael, Ava, Clayton, Kemper and Chloe

Kemper enjoying his cupcake that he decided not to decorate

Clayton decided the icing looked more enticing than decorating too


Decorating their cupcakes

Michael & Chloe playing with their Santa straws

Kemper plotting to steal Ali's keys

Will seriously miss these girls.
Jackie & Chloe, Ali & Michael, Danielle & Clayton, Kemper and me
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